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...getting through life one step at a time.

...getting through life one step at a time.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

All things great and small

We have done a great thing for a wonderful person, and though it may seem like a small thing with all that is going on in the world, easing the financial stress of someone who is fighting cancer is a *great* thing.  Thank you all who have contributed to her stress-relief.  In less than two weeks we have collectively done what no doctor and no treatment could have done for our friend Jenna.  She maintains her spirits focusing on her work and her art, spending time with friends, and writing in her blog - but the stress of her medical bills has been eased by small bits of love that we have chipped in together and made for one big act.  Personally, I'm enjoying the hell out of being a part of this.

Someone once claimed that no act of charity can ever be truly altruistic because of how good you feel about yourself after performing an act of charity.  An episode of "Friends" even attempted to show this through a debate between Phoebe and Joey.   Part of the debate included the juxtaposition of what you get versus what you have given.   If you truly want to get something physical while performing an act of charity, you choose to buy a sponsored product over an unsponsored brand - pink ribbons are popping up everywhere to help you with that particular debate.  Jenna too has an option here - beautiful reproductions of her photography made into greeting cards.  Some of these are in my future for some serious "thank yous" I have on my list. 

But if you truly just want the good feeling of helping someone, $5 and $10 mean just as much to someone in this case as $100 does - it really, truly is "the thought that counts."  When good thoughts and less stress help someone fight disease, then all that matters is that you do it.  If you haven't had the chance to feel good about doing something small that means something huge, click below and join the club - membership is open to all!  

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